Friday, June 02, 2017

Time to post more Mail Art

 A CD that I collaged and sent to Adamandia in Chicago. It got there without damage. I used the Dean, Artist in Seine technique of NO return address.
 My really good good news is that my Mail Art archive has been deeded to Special Collections of the Virginia Commonwealth University Library. And I'll pass along more this summer. I spent a lot of time sorting through my mail, putting artists work together, remembering all the wonderful mail days. Oh my, such fine work. And from all over the world.

I was excited to let everyone know, via social media and IUOMA group, that their work has been put into a library for ever! The work will eventually be digitized and made available to the public.

This summer, the librarian/curator and I will plan a program to be done at the library. She was very excited to learn that Mail Art is still being made and that the network of Mail Artists is very large.

Here are a few of my face pieces. I have such fun with these.
 This piece is a Persian card that a friend gave to me. I think the glasses and hand go perfectly on it. I feel so happy when things come together like this.
My friend Andrea, in the U.K. sent me the postcard awhile ago as part of her Lost Art project. It's an old tourist photo of Natural Bridge with a couple in the foreground. I added the hand only, which really made me laugh.

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Beanie Mouse said...

Oh, I'm glad that card got recycled!!!!!! exciting project though..... look forward to hearing more about it!