Thursday, April 06, 2017

Mexico (mas)

Being outdoors a lot was so wonderful. The weather was perfect. The only day it rained was on the day we were leaving SMA to Return to Mexico City.
 This is the Virgen of Guadelupe, which was everywhere. See the angel holding her up and the rays of light emanating from her? Everywhere, on buses, on buildings, in restaurants, and, of course, in churches.
Hat seller.
Hats for sale, everywhere.
I like these two people chatting and the third just standing an looking off to the left, the palm tree stuck there. And then there's that pigeon and a leg. Something about this composition was very satisfying to me.
The Parroquia in SMA. There a funny story about this.  It appears that this is the top of a tall cathedral, but it's not. The architect had no idea that this design was part of a larger structure so he built this as the actual church.

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