Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Hello, where have I been?



 I don't know where the other pieces of Mail Art, numbered between these and the last group that I posted.

They are somewhere on my computer, I think.
I'm still having a time of it, learning how to get my photos onto google photos or my drive or where ever, in order to make
the appear here on my blog.

That, said, I'm so happy that I got these up here.

I made them while at the beach over the USA holiday called Thanksgiving! I like it better in Spanish.
Dia de accion de gracias! Much better - action of thanks!

We had an impormptu trip to our favorite place to have that holiday.

The Outer Banks of North Carolina. For those of you unfamiliar with them, they are a thin strip of sand bar that runs along the coast of North Carolina, separated from the mainland by Pamlico sound. It's very peaceful there. There aren't tall hotels along a boardwalk or tall hotels anywhere. Those probably couldn't be built on sand.

We stayed closer to the sound than the Atlantic ocean. We saw beautiful sunsets and I even took photos of them, but heck if I know how to get them on here to show you.

So I'll show you these instead.  I took a large sheet of watercolor paper, cold press, and made scriggly lines across it in different colors of Derwent Intense pencils. I applied water.  It's so meditative. Try it! Then I turned the paper over and marked out the 4" x 6" pieces and cut them out. Then I went over the shapes with black pen. Such fun to see what turned out.

More to come.
oh, and let me know if you try this.


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