Saturday, October 15, 2016

Recent Mail Art collages - IF I can get the hang of posting on my Chrome Book!


Oh my dear friends, I can't believe this but I think I've got this figured out! I was just able to upload two images. Woweee.

I created the Paris one because I'm anticipating our anniversary trip to Paris in January. Yes, you read that correctly. January, where we're most likely to have weather issues. Is this crazy, or what? I'm buying travel insurance for sure.

The second piece, with the music was created this morning for my #creativesprint prompt. The prompt, to make something about one's favorite teacher.
Without a doubt, my favorite, most influential, earliest teacher was my piano teacher, Miss Rachel Marrs. She came into our home when I was a toddler to give my older sister lessons. Mom told me that I would sit by the piano during the lessons and make drawings that I'd give to Miss Marrs. I wanted to take lessons badly but was told that I had to read first, so you can bet I learned to read pretty quickly. I thought she was beautiful. She work lapel pins that were jeweled and seasonal: flowers, American flag, christmas wreath, and such. She brought a little clock with a roll up cover. AND she drove a car!!! That was a big deal, as my mother didn't drive one. Once, when I was probably about 10 or 11, Mom had me deliver some cookies to her as she lived only a few blocks away. I rode my bike over to her house and she invited me in to the living room for a few moments. Oh the thrill! She could never know the ways she influenced me.
We moved from the neighborhood when I was 16 and but I continued to take lessons from her until I was 18. I didn't realize then what a distance she had to travel to come to our home. I went off to college and we never communicated again. Later in life, I sent a letter to an address that I found for her, including some copies of old photos and current ones. I never knew if she got it, but she lives on in my memories.

The music bits are from a very old sonatina book that was my sister's before me. It's pages are yello and fragile. That is Miss Marrs handwriting.

Do you have a favorite teacher?

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