Sunday, October 09, 2016

Mail Art and my struggles

I'm still learning how to get photos onto this blog using Google Photos or from some cloud or wherever they are. I like this new Chrome Book but there are things that are different, that's for sure.

I've completed a full week of Creative Sprint. Are any of you, my blog readers, doing it, too? It's been fun.
This is a piece of mail art that I did for a prompt. The prompt was to be inspired by a children's song or a nursery rhyme. As usual, I had to let my mind mull this around. Then I started to look through my rubber stamps and found a tiny globe and a star. I, then, searched my stamp pads and found my gold one. FUN!
I'm thinking I need to do more like this.

Bear with me, I'll figure this out eventually and will get more images up and running.

So what's happening in your life?

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