Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Elflog - update PLUS a drawing continued..

A basket appeared on the shelf on Monday, I think. It had flowers and foil wrapped chocolate eggs in it. On the shelf a pair of small scissors and some stones. This is an interesting development. Today, wow, another development....a color sample card (yellow) with a fashion sketch on it and a pen attached. Hmmm, I had to make an addition to the sketch, then I placed it in the basket. On the shelf, a plastic ring with a blue "stone" in it. A note with suggestions on it might be a good thing to add. I'll see what I can some up with. I haven't had this much shelf fun since the wire writer!

There are three names for the drawing. I'm extending the deadline for suggestions until this weekend then I'll pull a name.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Elflog - update, and a drawing.

On Monday, I placed a piece of Real Small Art in a plastic bag on the shelf. My rondo (collage on a small CD) was still there. Today, the RSA is gone, the piece of marble is there, as is the rondo. I'm thinking that the shelf needs to have it's activity become more interactive with the "public" meaning not just my putting things there and having them removed. I'd like other people to feel inspired to leave things, like when wire writer was leaving words. To this end, I'm asking you for help. Please leave me your ideas over the next 7 days on how I can encourage participation. At the end of that time, I will put the names of the people who left comments in a "hat" and draw one name. That person will receive one of my min-totes. Be sure to leave me a way to reach you, so that I can get your land mail address if you're the winner. Thanks in advance for your assistance with this.

John McCutcheon Live

This past Sunday was the annual John McCutcheon concert to benefit the Richmond Peace Education Center. As usual, it was a terrific musical event. An added treat was the opening act, Jeni and Billy. We were fortunate to be able to staff the sales table and to meet Jeni and Billy in person. Not only does their music touch your heart, but they are such nice people. Check out their web site here.

Check out John's website here. I wish I could add music to this post but just go and find out for yourself.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Elflog - update

Yesterday, I tied one of Andrea's pieces of cheese to my neighbor's rail. It looked in need of some cheer. The previous day, I'd added this odd little apple core character that J. had given to me to the shelf, where it tearfully looked at a rock. This morning, there was only 2 tiny rocks and a 1 centime euro coin. I put a piece of real small art in a plastic bag on the pole and a collage that I'd made on a tiny CD that I just couldn't discard in the trash. Putting art out into the public realm is so satisfying. Check out what's happening with Andrea's Found-Art.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

a trip to the country

Twice a year, our friend John Freimarck has an open studio where he sells his ceramics, serves us some crackers and cheese, and we get to enjoy the country setting, the beautiful flowers, the dogs, the conversation with John and his wife. We always add a couple pieces to our "set" of dishes. This year, I got a little square plate, like the one in the foreground in purple, and a rectangular plate in purple that is the perfect size for a loaf of zucchini bread.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Elflog - update

A couple of days ago, I put a little plastic bubble thingy with a nice stone and a quote on the shelf, it disappeared and a little plastic man with a cap appeared. Monday, I put the pig-like animal next to the man and it disappeared but the man stayed so last night C positioned the "peace" magnet against him. This morning, the man and the magnet are gone. More to come.....

Saturday, May 09, 2009

A very español day

It's been a very jam packed week....I guess, because I haven't had time to post an entry, which is so not like me! While walking my dog this morning, I found a little pony in the dirt, it was very tattered but when I picked it up and placed it on a wall, it looked very perky. I hope it has a little more "life" left in it.

My yard looks so nice these days, even though the snails are eating the flowers that Chuck bought. He put several pots on the bench in hopes that the snails, or whatever is chomping away on the plants, won't find them. They looked really nice sitting there.

After getting the dog back home, I walked over to the coffee shop at the Science Museum, which is close to my house, for a Spanish conversation MeetUp. What fun. There were 5 of us, we laughed a lot and actually did speak Spanish with each other. Muy divertido! The flower arrangement was on the table where we were sitting on very comfortable couches. I can't wait for the next MeetUp. THEN, in the afternoon, I went to shop for something to wear to a special event in Chicago next month. The clerk spoke with accented English and I took a guess and said "¿de donde eres?" She was from Buenos Aires....and I spoke mainly in Spanish with her, admittedly she had to help me out a bit; but I did pretty good! A very español day!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Rainy day floral display

The spring rains have begun....yesterday, we caught a number of the neighborhood flower images just after a rain. The tulips are gone, but irises, roses, pansies, clematis, azaleas, and some flowers that I don't know the name for, are now abundant. This morning, I went out early hoping to make it home from walking the dog before it began raining but we'd only gone a short distance when the rains came. We kept walking and I kept taking photos of flowers. Aren't the colors lovely? The orange roses were just so striking in the gray light. It was like perfect lighting today.