Saturday, July 28, 2007

Limeade 25¢

Feshly squeezed limeade! Only 25¢ a glass.

Elflog update

A large ivy leaf and some small flowers added a gardeny touch to the shelf. A funny wire face was attached to a nail on the pole, and a ribbon tied two stones together. Note the two pennies. Another day, a clam shell saying "open mind" and a lovely little rose were on the shelf. While walking my dog around the next block, I spotted one of my stones on the ground. I'd placed it on a fire hydrant nearby over a week ago. Now it seemed placed, not thrown, in the grassy area near the hospital on the next block. I just love the mystery of all this.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Night time, New Jersey Turnpike

These images are part of the first series of photos I took on the New Jersey turnpike. I was very pleased with the results and put several of them in the art event earlier this month.

Dusk on the New Jersey Turnpike

We stayed in New Jersey when we went to NYC last month. I took photos from the car between Exits 13A and 11. One of these photos shows a car on fire! I recently showed a series of these Turnpike photos in an art event and was pleased with the reception.

Elflog & a tiny eggplant

I love the sparkly wand that someone put on the shelf. There was a little white flower and a daisy (?) put there by the flower elf as I was taking some photos. They really brighten up the shelf. This little double eggplant was so cute, that I had to take this photo and show it to you, before I cooked it.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


We were in NYC twice the past month. We did a lot of walking even though it was hot. We stopped into the Apple store on Fifth Avenue to chill. Don't you love the way the foot steps show through the landing on the stairs? The store is below ground level. The only thing you see at ground is a glass cube, which is the entrance. Our goal that day was the Neue Gallerie on 86th St. The show was about how Van Gogh influenced German & Austrian artists, like Egon Schiele, Klimpt, and lots of others. The little cafe was called Die Fliedermaus and was like from 1900. I cauught a good reflection in the wall while we waited for our Kaffes and Strudel. End of the day we walked through Central Park to meet Mica and Eliza at a Mexican reataurant on 9th Ave. Frida Kahlo watched while we had our meal, which was very good. Our last night in the city, Z treated us to cupcakes at this place on 23rd St. We shared three amazing flavors between the 4 of us. Yummy!

Monday, July 16, 2007

A group of bags.

Being in my studio has been such fun. I make a couple tiny collages, I make some bags, what a life! These bags are for sale at the Farmers' Market at our Sprout stand. Last week I brought 4 and sold 3 of them. One bag at a time...eliminate the plastic. My sister sent me a brochure about a person who started a company called 1 bag at a time. See, take heart, it's happening all over!

Elflog and a rose.

I just had to post the rose image. My friend Jan gave it to me for my birthday. Noah was trying out his new camera and took this beautful photo. Speaking of Noah, check out his new blog, Skull a Day. It's so fun! It's as fun as checking the shelf each day. I was really happy to see that someone had taken one of my word stones and attached a red ribbon to it. A small lizard appeared. Jan asked if I thought she should write an article about the shelf for a local magazine, but I'm afraid that it'll call attention to it and the "light pole people," will take it down. What do you think? Should we open this up?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Elflog item

Yesterday, I discovered this on the shelf. Isn't it amazing? I love it. I had to have it for myself! ha ha ha!! I felt I had to put back something from "wire elf" so I brought the word "thanks" back. Tonight, "thanks" was still there....and added was "take heart" with a tiny heart at the end of the line. It was too dark and the wire was dark, so I couldn't get a good photo. I'll try again in the morning. I've added more word stones, including "olé" which I thought would be fun for someone to see. I found out who the flower elf is...but WHO put the shelf up? That's the mystery.

What I've decided....

What I decided about getting work done.....
Since I've rearranged my studio, I'm spending lots more time in it and loving it. (I've decided that a clean, organized studio is important to me) I've been making my tiny collages for the art-0-mat project and cloth bags to sell at the Farmers' Market. I've used left over fabric from an upholstery job. We're making a big push to encourage people not to use plastic bags or at least to recycle them. Anyway, what I've decided is this: I can get a lot accomplished if I don't talk on the 'phone or leave the house or spend lots of time on the internet. So there. Now I know and have decided to act on that information, more frequently. Back to the studio!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Teeny collages

In preparation for making collages for the Art-o-mat project, I decided to fill a teeny book with collages. It's been a great travel project, especially since I've been using the UHU tape roller adhesive. Notice how it all fits in a tin. Okay, here it comes, the unabashed plug for this product. I love how convenient and easy it is to work with. I still use the UHU glue stick but the roll-on is becoming my tool of choice, especially when I'm on the road (or in the air.) Check out the UHU Blog. Make something!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Random facts about me....

I was tagged...I think I've been tagged before...but what the heck, here are 8 new random facts about me:1) I'm reading my sixth book that involves the country of Turkey 2) I was kind of a tomboy as a child 3) I was a stage manager 4) I have too many maps, if such a thing is possible 5) I made and played with paper dolls until I was 14 years old & I still like them 6) I miss roller skating 7) I'd like to play a portable instrument but not learn a new one 8) I own two manual typewriters.
I'm supposed to tag 8 other people but I'm only going to tag 3. They have to write 8 random things about themselves and tag 8 other people with blogs. My Precious Studio, Amblus & Domain Dephal are my choices. Hope they don't mind. Image: The Silence, paper & thread collage.

Elflog and random art

This morning, my neighbor Jan and I , walked our dogs together. We checked on the shelf and found a "fish card" and a magnet saying "agog." I deposited two small ceramic animals, each with a wee bit missing off of them. We spotted the lovely butterfly painting as we neared home on the return part of our walk. Later in the day, I stopped to chat with my little neighbor , Adrianna, who showed me the "agog" magnet, in her hand. I think it's found it's new home.

Studio tour

The only view not seen is the one facing the door, showing my closet with the big four drawer file cabinet in it, to the left. What remains to be done is to clear off the radiator, and empty the three plastic bins. I'm so satisfied with this arrangement. Thanks to Susan for the idea. Here's something funny. I'm letting you all into my studio, when in reality, I would never let anyone into my studio. It was/is my private place in the house.

Some Blue-ness & a peak into my studio...

Today I continued my birthday celebration by having a pedicure and manicure at Seasons in Carytown. Candice used my favorite blue nail color. A year ago, I painted my toe nails blue to cheer me up while I recovered from surgery for my broken bones. This year, I did it just to pamper myself. This view is looking into my studio from the hall. I spent most of yesterday rearranging and am very pleased with the results. I'll post pictures of the inside next.

Monday, July 02, 2007

My birthday!

I'd been thinking about the Chocolate and Zucchini cake recipe from the C & Z
archives. I decided to make it for my birthday. Happily, it was quite easy to make and turned out beautifully and, best of all, we taste tested it this morning for breakfast and it was really, really yummy. I wish you were all here to share it with me! Bake one for yourself, eat it, tell me how you like it. Okay, that said, I'm off to start rearranging my studio which is my birthday gift to myself.

Friendship, mail and more

I love getting such creative treats from friends. Mail from Mercedes is always something surprising and wonderful. Check out the latest. The little triangle came through the mail unscathed and uncancelled. The little dancing people came from Myrna. Can you guess what they 're made from?