Friday, June 29, 2007

A mail surprise...

Two days ago, I got a little package in the mail. The box was meticulously made out of an instant oatmeal box, the inside filled with shredded newspaper, and there, within the shreds was this amazing "flying eyeball." Since my friend has limited supplies at his disposal, I was even more amazed by the perfectly crafted gift. Is this amazing or what!? Muchas gracias, Michael.

Elflog update

The Wire Artist has added some really cool writing to the Elflog. I am so crazy about "enjoy!." The beaded exclamation point is fabulous. "Namaste" appeared long enough for me to document it but by afternoon it was gone. Enjoy , indeed! My enjoyment of this shelf increases. My thanks to the unknown shelf maker. I hope that he or she knows how much this has meant to a lot of us.

Turtle update

Kris called me and said, "the turtle is back and is laying more eggs. I grabbed my camera and hurried across the alley. She's bigger than I thought and was resting. Her little back legs were mud coated. She pulled her head in as I approached but then poked it out again. Nothing happened while I was there. Oh boy, in August we may have lots of baby turtles apprearing, or not. Kris and Dick are not sure they're fertilized eggs. Not knowing much about turtle biology, actually nothing about it, I contribute nada to this discussion.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

peaceful views

As I'm about to go off to work at the Farmers' Market, I looked out my kitchen window into my yard and appreciated the peaceful view. A Billy Scott CD is playing, I'm feeling so relaxed, ready to face the bustle of the market. Here are some of my peaceful views for you this morning. Next posts, I'll update you on the turtle and the Elflog. Keep watching this space!
1) Franklin Street Gym 2)Three Monkeys 3)MOMA 4)Woodbridge, NJ 5) Hometeam Grill

Monday, June 25, 2007

Muffins and Elflog news

What am I thinking...two unrelated images!! This morning the shelf had a new stone arrangement, an alchohol wipe packet (ew) and on the pole: 3 "X"s made out of ribbon. Verrry interesting! I spent the morning hanging out with a friend and a clutch of young children at the school yard. On the way home, we all had to check out the shelf. The little ones chose a stone to take home as well as thoughts of the possibility of mounting a shelf in their neighborhood. After lunch, I prepped all of the ingredients for the chocolate and zucchini muffins, and went off to visit with my friend, Myrna. When I returned home, the buttered had softened and I made the muffins. Even Chuck, who doesn't like squash, loved these. The recipe is posted on the Sprout site. I used golden and zephyr squash in place of zucchini. Quick yummy! Also, seeing the little kids at the shelf was pretty delightful. So maybe the images are really not so disparate...enjoyment at the shelf, enjoyment making chocolate and squash muffins.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Eat your veggies....

On Thursday, one of our Sprout, CSA share holders brought a great huge basket for her share, then kindly arranged the veggies for my photo, which I posted on our Sprout site. We get so much produce, which means we have to cook a lot. Today, on my stove are three pots, beets, turnips, and rutabaga. I'm going to make pickled beets, mashed turnips, and heck if I know what I'll do with the rutabaga. Maybe a spicy spread of some kind. This is a very new veggie for me, though some of our share holders are very excited that we have it. Any ideas for me of what to do with a rutabaga?

Friday, June 22, 2007

Elflog: much news

I was going out of town for a few days and was worried about the shelf being bare. The day before I'd left, it was pretty bare. Only a few little stones. I made sure that it was a little more lively before we took off. When I came home, things had been changed, and then on Wed. a tile reappeared, along with a the word Alloha (a sticker?) and a piece of interesting exotic stone. More wire words have appeared, too. I've put a couple of magnets that I made on the pole. They stick nicely to the hammered in nails. But here's the BIG NEWS!! On Thursday, while I was working at the Farmers' Market, a dear friend came up to me and said, " I know who you are. Do you know who i am?" Well, yes! I thought, what's this? She was holding up a wire figure! Oh mi oh mi. She said "I'm the wire lady." She's the person who's been putting up the wire words, the wonderful wire writing. She found out I was the stone "elf" from a neighbor. That neighbor has been adding the little flowers. Then today, in the grocery store, I saw another neighbor who lives on the shelf street. I asked her daughter if she'd noticed the shelf. She had, and she had put things on it. She said that her grandfather had put the little piece of paper with the word "Peace" written on it on the shelf. I told her that we were shelf elves. We still don't know who put the shelf up on the pole in the first place. The mystery remains. Isn't the wire person terrific!? (that's Smitty, my dog, waiting patiently to cross the street.)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

a Garden

A neighbor has a lovely garden behind houses, in an alley that borders on a pocket park, called Scuffletown Park. Our kids used to play in the park when it had a big cement structure that was a castle or a pirate ship, or any other thing they could imagine it to be. Now the park is grassy and has benches, plastic bags to pick up after your pooch, and lots of nice plantings. A real haven.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Exciting turtle news

We've had some exciting news...our neighbor saw the turtle from the yard next to his, busy digging a hole in his yard. He's spotted the turtle, several times over the past weeks, in the alley. He kept replacing it in it's yard but it kept traveling. The digging explained it. The turtle was looking for a nesting spot. What did she choose?... basically a construction site. Work is being done in the yard. She laid four eggs, with Jessica the cat observing some of the time. Our neighbor covered the nest with mulch and is hoping it'll stay safe from the construction workers, and the heat or lack of moisture or whatever it is that threatens a turtle nest. If the eggs hatch, I want one of the babies for MY yard. If you have any experience with turtles like this, let me know. Will the eggs hatch? What do baby turtles need? Will mama turtle come check on them? Oh, the drama right across the alley. (photos by Dick K.)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Elflog update & new random art

The big storm left the shelf damp and the little collage a bit wilted. This morning, I was without my camera. What was I thinking?! There were two tiny pink roses on the shelf and the wire word "beauty" was placed on top of them. I mustn't forget the camera. I found a new piece of random art after being alerted by Tammy, of Rostov's Coffee & tea. It's on the corner of Main and Alan.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Shelf: Peace & Love on the "elflog"

The word "peace" was written on a small piece of paper and held down, because it was quite breezy, by the "love" stone. I added a little collage to the collection. This morning, all that remained was the little "joy" stone and several other small unmarked stones. These little stones, which were possibly just picked up from the ground near the shelf, remind me of the Jewish custom of putting a pebble on the gravestone when visiting a cemetery.

First Lily

I'd seen some day lilies in sunny spots already, but my yard is shady. this morning, to my delight, I saw that my first lily had bloomed. It faces west, angling to get sunlight.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Shelf goings on...

Check out the great surprise this wire, the words "welcome back" were on the shelf and the word "beauty" was stapled to the pole. I brought the Welcome Back home with me. It's about 5" long and has little beads decorating it. In the evening, the Beauty was still there, sorry my photo isn't better, but the big stone with "know hope" was gone and a little plastic violin was there. Some of the little stones were gone, also. Who knew I'd been away? This is very mysterious! "elflog"-- I'm thinking that's what we'll call it, short for "shelf log." Don't you think that sounds right and who are the elves (besides me) that are adding treats? The mystery continues.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Shelf news

When I returned home I was anxious to check the shelf but waited until my morning walk. It had rained and I wondered if that effected anything on the shelf. I found an assortment of stones, including the tiny one in the bottle cap and a small game card. Yesterday morning, I added the small rubber duck (which someone in my spanish class had given out to all of us.) You can see that the card and bottle cap are gone. This morning, the duck is still there, but stones have been taken. The mornings have been so sunny, check out how the background is so white. I've had several suggestions about what to call the shelf log, see previous posting, and am still not settled on a name. What do you think of ..'elflog? Too cute? I'm open to more suggestions.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Eliza Skinner plus two plays

While in New York City, we saw two plays and a one-woman show. In a small theatre, we saw the Atlantic Theatre production of 10 Million Miles. The set was terrific, dominated by a pickup truck as the main set piece, with the water towers and power lines well done. It was very enjoyable and I got Mare Winningham's autograph. Fun! On Broadway, we saw Spring Awakening, which actually started at the Atlantic Theatre. We liked it, except I didn't like the choreography very much. (Sorry Bill T. Jones) The set was spare and each night 35 audience members had seats on stage. Hmm, don't know if I'd like being within the action. The music in both of these shows was good, and we have new CDs to buy now. The other show we saw, and loved, was Eliza Skinner is Shameless! at Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. If you find out that Eliza is performing in your area...see her! Wow! We'd see her show again. And the people we were with were seeing it for a second time. Check her out. I'm pluggin' Eliza shamelessly.


We enjoy going to the Museum of Modern Art in NYC, MOMA. The Richard Serra show was up and open for member preview. We loved it, but alas, no photos allowed. What a powerful experience, tho somewhat dizzy-making at times being among the tall, sloping walls of steel. In the large room, people were looking at a wall full of cartoon like images. I'll post a link to the artist soon as I can remember who it is. We all said that it must have been fun to draw directly on that huge wall.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Playing together in Peace

We've had a very busy time in NYC. It's been terrific. We'll be back home shortly and I'll be posting images that I collected. Here's one that I'm really happy to have. It was part of a large mural on PS11 in Manhattan. Me, too, I dream of playing together in Peace.